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The following EVPs and photography were captured at different investigative locations.  We review, anaylze and question every piece of footage.  We only keep that which we cannot find a possible answer for the reason behind it and then it becomes labeled as "evidence".   ​


The Old Taylor Regional Hospital (aka Hawkinsville Hospital), Hawkinsville, Ga



SOS Ghost Hunters were featured on Destination America's Ghost Stalkers talking about the Old Taylor Memorial Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA.

Our investigators communicated with what we believe was a young boy. We used our EMF detector which feeds off of energy in the air which when you are in an abandoned building with no electrical power most believe this energy may be spirit energy. Watch as the EMF detector responds to our questions.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)
EVPs are voices and sounds captured on a digital recorder.

The investigator captured a male voice saying the word "Exciting" three times.  The third time is the most audible.  There are investigators talking during this capture so you must listen carefully to hear it.

The investigator captured a whisper saying, "Don't move soldier" followed by a female voice what appears to be saying, "That's authentic".  There were only two investigators in this area at the time of this capture.  This is a Class A EVP in that it being clearly audible but also this location is less than one mile from a civil war battlefield, the Chickamauga.


ghost hunters

The image behind the boy looks like a religious idol.  While we can not say if it's a photo glitch, we also can't discount it as maybe being paranormal.  What do you think?

ghost hunters

These next three photos were taken at the Old Taylor Regional Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA.  We call him "Shadow Man". The following photos were taken back to back showing that the shadow is moving.

ghost hunters
ghost hunters
ghost hunters

These next two photos of the moving anomaly and orb were taken at the Old Taylor Regional Hospital in Hawkinsville, GA.  

ghost hunters

Notice the darker figure in the background isn't touching the ground.

spirit captured walking down road, Cumberland Island

Apparation in 4th floor window II.jpg

Andersonville, GA


Photo taken and permission granted to post by Kerri Wright investigating undisclosed location in which evidence was an accumulated effort by GPI. 

Waverly Hills
death tunnel

Investigator, Donna, was bracing/protecting themselves for what was coming up the stairs.  We saw it!!

Significance of this you ask? Found in the door the next morning after Warren and Patricia Hammond placed it on the bedside table before going to bed!! According to Ernie at the hotel, this is not an unusual occurrence; hearing sounds in your room as if someone is walking or in the bathroom is common as well!

These photos taken back to back we feel show a spirit and not backscatter, also called near-camera reflection. Other evidence in the same area of the room was also collected with the white noise radio as well as cold spots felt. Thank you Isaac for sharing your evidence with us!!

Janet and Mike investigated this beautiful home and plan to go back again.  The Purple Lady was captured here. They had a locked door open on them as well.
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