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Seekers of Spirits Ghost Hunters


Seekers of Spirits (SOS) Ghost Hunters are a group of experienced paranormal investigators seeking the truth; is there life after death?


We are located in middle Georgia and investigate all over the state of Georgia.


We use investigative equipment such as digital recorders, EMF detectors, digital cameras, Rem Pods, spirit boxes, Ovilus, Laser Grids, IR thermometers and trigger objects.  We do NOT use Ouija boards and Tarot cards and we do not participate in seances or the occult.


Every investigation is treated with confidentiality, respect and finding answers for our client.  We are a not for profit group and do not charge a fee for investigations.

Are you experiencing paranormal activity in your home or business that you can't explain?  SOS can help you seek the answers that you're looking for.


Click HERE to contact SOS for more info.

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