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Donna Hunter, The Debunker

1st paranormal experience as a young girl at a family reunion that led to try to find out why she saw a full body apparition.  Investigating with a team for over a decade. Evidence has to be pretty remarkable to impress.  "BOO!" She just might scare You!



Janet Pennington,  The  Inquisitive Believer

"Is this property haunted for the reason you think?"  Orginally  from Michigan, then Florida, and now Georgia.  Several decades of experience with paranormal activity and  “missing time” phenomenon.  Highly respected in the paranormal community in Georgia.

Patricia and Warren Hammond,   Spiritual Magnets

Over 2 decades of working with  paranormal teams.  Experience with possessions and poltergiest activity. Ask them to tell you about the church in Andersonville, GA.

Indian mound_2.jpg

Scott Sweatt,   Spirit Beacon

Example is in his picture, see the  Native American in the background?  He feels spirits in the room and has interactions with being touched by them often.   

Heather Sweatt, Gadget Girl

A decade of  working together with a team.  Perhaps too willing to carry equipment around.  Has captured a variety of evidence, including proof of voodoo victimizing. Enjoys non-profit projects for historical properties.

Mike Bruno, Precognitive dreamer 

He has psychic feelings since he had a near death experience as a younge man in California.  
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